This is an introductory of the various operations within Sanctient. As you may or may not know, Sanctient is a conglomerate of businesses which use its net revenue and donations from supporters like you to promote individual freedom. The following projects promote our mission core ideals.

This project sees that an urban garden, based upon aquaponics technology, is established in every city and town on planet earth; and is capable of feeding all of its inhabitants for free, and comfortably.

Ordinarily, neo-sovereignty would entail every citizen having ownership of a stationary dwelling, also have technology in their possession enabling them to produce their own food. Unfortunately, the cost of the government paying for such wide scale implementation is not financially feasible. Fortunately, it is not beyond the abilities of private corporations. In fact, doing so enables legislation to eventually be passed to do away with minimum wage laws; but that’s another topic within itself.

To promote neo-sovereignty and curtail CO2 emissions, we of Sanctient have made it our purpose to erect one or more aquaponics gardens in each city and town where humans live and congregate. The close proximity of these systems frees up land used for agriculture and enables forest to be planted in their place. It also completely destroys shipping cost of moving harvested crops to cities and processing centers. The EPA list transportation, agriculture, and industrial use among the top contributors to climate change; and with the use of these local gardening systems, those contributors drop significantly.

It should be understood that aquaponics is often confused with hydroponics. In actuality, aquaponics is different from hydroponics in that it is the successful synergy between aquaculture and agriculture. It’s a closed loop ecosystem system of fish feeding the plants and the plants feeding the fish. Waste and water usage is minimal, and some of the more significant systems are capable of running on twelve volts of electricity; essentially, entire food production systems running on solar, wind, and a few batteries. That’s free food production with minimal power usage. By installing these off-grid systems in every city and town on earth, food will essentially be free for all the locals residents.

Local food production enables the immediate population to have a deeper understanding of the growth process, decision making power in the use of pesticides and first hand knowledge in genetic modification. There is also the added benefit of freshness and the ability to choose what food is produced. With a wide array of fish, fruit, vegetables, and spices to chose from; each aquaponics garden will be more than capable of sating everyone’s appetite.

This project sees that an atmospheric humidifier is set up in different strategic locations on earth and that water is converted to water vapour and subsequently converted back in urban garden locations.

In Saint Louis, Mississippi, NASA uses 125000 acres of land to test their Saturn V rocket. These rockets in particular run off a mixture of liquid hydrogen, oxygen, and other fuels; the environmental footprint being nothing more than water vapor. Each test fire yields large plumes of smoke consisting of pure hydrogen and oxygen; which later turn into rain in a few hours time. It’s our understanding that the same principles can be used in quieter systems to cool the planet and promoting forestation; specifically in dry, arid climates like the desert, and in frozen tundras like the arctic circle.

Each facility will basically consist of a large reservoir of salt water pumped in from the ocean and a fuel cell. This water is converted to hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis and than pumped into the atmosphere. It is then naturally turned into rain thousands of miles away.

These facilities will be placed strategically throughout the globe; based partly on weather patterns, human population, and the land we seek to change through forestation. We have already identified several areas to construct the facilities; specifically along the coast of northern Africa and east of Saudi Arabia. The increase in precipitation will turn the deserts there into dense jungles.

In colder climates, the increase in water vapour means an increase in snow fall; and consequently, the formation of pack ice. It is estimated from wind patterns, that if seven cloud seeding facilities were built along the coast of Alaska and Nunavut, the ice-sheets formed during a single winter would still be around the following winter. Ice sheets have been proven to reflect 50 to 70 percent of solar energy, hence their significance in preventing climate change. With these facilities converting sea water to water vapour, snow fall would take place all year around.

Cities and towns with our food production facilities will benefit immensely from cloud seeding as each facility will have atmospheric water generators on site. This technology would effectively turn water vapour back into usable drinking water. In fact, this technology is already for sale to consumers by various manufacturers, and only needs to be scaled up to meet the demands of the immediate population.

The project sees that all power is produced locally in each city and town using conventional, alternative, and even obscure means of energy production, all of which are environmentally friendly.

As of 2010, the EPA list electric and heat production as the highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions; stating, “The burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions.”

We of Sanctient see an opportunity here to promote neo-sovereignty by giving every major metropolitan city the ability to produce their own power. This is easily achieved through the construction of liquid fluoride thorium reactors. As the number of subsidiaries supporting Sanctient is multiplied, we will construct free thorium reactors in every major city with a population of a million or more. This might not sound like a very good investment from a business standpoint; but besides the obvious return on investment not being the extinction of all life on planet earth, we will also be the sole providers of thorium fuel under a firm price cap. This will have a similar effect to the energy market as Craigslist’s classified ad service has had on newspapers; effectively destroying the entire energy market as a whole. The money generated from these exclusive sales will go directly to funding suburough communities and climate change reduction efforts.

For the smaller communities, we are proud to announce that a far more efficient source is currently in the research and development phase. If testing proves fruitful, energy production would be minimal compared to nuclear energy, but the average operating lifespan would range close to a thousand years with minimal maintenance.

This project creates a new, decentralized and internet.

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