This project entails the creation of a cryptocurrency that represents a unified stock in all of Sanctient’s subsidiaries. The currency is backed by stock ownership of all subsidiaries; in addition to gold and other resources held by Sanctient, the parent company.

Ultimately, it is the centralised banks, and their desire to get everyone on earth implanted with an RFID tag, that is causing all of the social and economic problems the world is facing. They don’t have a choice. Fiat currency, by it’s very nature, is a Ponzi scheme. It’s the very reason the one percent exist. They are running out of countries to plunder with their centralised banks. They can’t prop up their fake currency any more. It’s only a matter of time before conflict erupts between the upper class and the lower class. They have to reset the system they inherited from their ancestors or risk complete social entropy. Collapsing the economy and creating a paperless currency is the only way to make that happen.

We of Sanctient and the humanity that we support will not be cattle to be economically enslaved. To combat this new paperless currency, we will form our own decentralized cryptocurrency. It will be backed by the resources we mine and purchase, and the exponential growth of our subsidiaries.