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Slide What are the goals of Sanctient? The goal of this organization is to reverse the changes to our climate and alleviate poverty on a global scale. We accomplish this with the promotion of neosovereignty; a political and economic concept that pushes governments to research and distribute technology that enables each of their citizens to produce their own needs for survival, with little to no human interaction or financial indemnity. To aid in this endeavour, Sanctient uses donations to build a conglomerate of for-profit companies to fund the research and construction of sophisticated “urban gardens,” capable of sustaining entire cities with food, water, and even electric production. The net positive is that the top five industries responsible for climate change become near obsolete.

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These are just some of the other plans we have to reverse climate change Arctic Cloud Seeding through the Use of Electrolysis Pack ice and glaciers are the largest inhibitors to global warming because they reflect sun light. Climate change has resulted in their statistical decline. Fortunately, we found an inexpensive way to reverse this trend by converting sea water to snow. Learn More Construction or Conversion of Architecture to Arcologies In every major metropolitan city with a population of over a hundred thousand, an arcology is created to give quarter to a minimum of a hundred thousand people. Tenancy is determined by academic performance in an ongoing, open-source curriculum. Learn More Purchasing and Converting Mines for Human Habitation Humans dwell in the troposphere of this planet's atmosphere; resulting in deforestation and ultimately, a rise in CO2 levels. If subterranean cities could be established, forests could be established in previously densely populated areas. Learn More

Seed Money
raise 500K for first subsidiary
Subsidiary: Tholos
complete coding for clothing app and launch financial support stream for humanitarian projects
Subsidiary: Mammon
complete coding of financial transparency prototype and launch second financial support stream for humanitarian projects
Project: Arcaedia S. Bound Brook
build the first arcaedian hub in south bound brook nj
Project: Icewind
erect the first cloud seeding
facility within the arctic circle
Project: Arcology Skidrow
build the first arcology
in skidrow ca
Project: Subterrapolis
purchase a mine and build the
first subterranean city in texas
Project: Icewind
erect the second cloud seeding
facility within the arctic circle

Slide There is only one birthplace of the human species. Help us save it... We need a minimum of $250 thousand dollars to build and host the first subsidiary company. A maximum of $500 thousand will allow us to truly hit the ground running with two separate income streams. Once one of our platforms are built, the income stream alone will provide financial support for our collective humanitarian and environmental projects; not to mention the formation of additional subsidiaries in the future for larger projects. Help us; you live on planet earth too... Since you put it that way...

Slide This page is just a tl;dr. TL;DR stands for "To Long; Didn't Read," and if you enter the main website, you would understand why we needed this page. Sanctient is much more than a publicly controlled conglomerate; it's a new way of life and empowerment for the average person. By entering the main site, you can see our ongoing projects, petition for new ones, see live financial statements; and even join a lively forum to discuss future projects. Remember, we are publicly controlled, so the high council can't act without your collective decision making. Enter The Main Website

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