An earth scraper is the perfect structure for an arcology; and if we dig deep enough, we can connect each one to the network of subterranean cities we plan to build from converted mines.

Lillith Eschaton Demiurge

This project entails the new construction, or conversion, of a structure to an arcology; a completely self-sustained building with zero footprint on the environment. The arcology, by it’s very definition, manages it’s own power generation, sewage, and even climate! It’s also capable of feeding and quenching the thirst of all it’s residents.

The top five states in America with the highest population of homeless people are California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Washington. Of these five, only California has a homeless population over 100 thousand, ten percent of which are veterans. This is a travesty to the American standard of freedom and liberty; because according to the US Census Bureau, there are roughly 17 million vacant homes in the United States; the majority of them owned by the banks. This might seem like a problem within itself, but when compounded with student debt, it becomes all the more clear why homelessness is such an issue in America.

This project is an answer to oppressive institutions and the injustices of predatory lenders; as well as the foolishness of the victims who found themselves in those situations. By providing an environment where the cost of living is free, this enables those oppressed by capitalism’s negative aspects to take a break and recover from unwise decisions. It also allows entire legions of oppressed workers to protest there working conditions indefinitely. We suspect these will matter less with each Arcaedian Hub erected.

With each arcology built, no less than 100 thousand people will be housed. Everyone living within the arcology will have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, and fish through Aquaponics. They will also have fresh water, electric, and access to the internet. These aren’t luxury apartments; they are capsule hotels; similar to those popular in Japan. Each domicile will contain ten to twenty units, and will share a common area, a full size kitchen, and a communal bathroom. Pictures to the right are not an accurate representation.

Residency is determined by a number of factors; everything from academic standing in our up coming curriculum, to years of military experience. Those that perform well academically will be given precedence over those that do nothing. In fact, any resident lacking progress in the curriculum will be replaced with those that show more effort. Residency is limited to ten years.