“Without chaos there would be no creation, no structure and no existence. After all, order is merely the repetition of patterns; chaos is the process that establishes those patterns. Without this creative self-organizing force, the universe would be devoid of biological life, the birth of stars and galaxies—everything we have come to know.” ― L.K. Samuels

Sanctient is actively involved in calculating chaos theory; the phenomena that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could cause a hurricane in Texas. We do this through current and ongoing research in the fields of business, psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and theology. Though seemingly unrelated, each event plotted in our timeline is significant to Sanctient operations. It services the dual purpose of predicting future events, so as to promote and protect the sovereignty of the people, as well as inform future biographers about the state of the world and the reasons for our actions. This timeline does not list or record actions taken on behalf of Sanctient or it’s subsidiaries, nor is Sanctient and it’s subsidiaries directly involved with the events recorded in this timeline; although it could be said that Sanctient influenced recorded events indirectly as a result of it’s actions.

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