Alex Jones built Infowars from nothing; refusing to take loans or investments of any kind that could censor or jeopardize it’s independence. Jones is dedicated to libertarian and constitutionalist ideas, and that is reflected at Infowars and in his nationally syndicated news program, The Alex Jones Show. The show airs on over 160 AM, FM, and shortwave stations across the United States Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Jones is recognized for his incisive and hard-hitting interviews with a wide range of prominent guests; including, musical artists Willie Nelson and Billy Corgan, comedians Joe Rogan and Russell Brand, government officials Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, and even the president of the United States Donald Trump.

Tim Pool is an American journalist, YouTuber, political commentator, and the founder of Subverse, an online media company. Pool’s footage has been aired by mainstream outlets, including NBC, Fast Company and Wired. In 2013, Pool joined Vice Media, producing and hosting content as well as developing new methods of reporting. In 2014, he joined Fusion TV as Director of Media innovation and Senior Correspondent. He ultimately left to start his own broadcasts when he foresaw the decline of big media for independent journalism. He is best known for livestreaming the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. Pool was nominated as a Time 100 personality in 2012, and the following year he received a Shorty Award in the “Best Journalist in Social Media” category. Tim’s political leanings are centred-left and non-partisan.

Philip James DeFranco sometimes known online as PhillyD or sXePhil, is a news commentator and an American YouTube personality. He is most notable for “The Philip DeFranco Show,” a news commentary show centred on current events in politics and pop culture that has a playlist of over 1,000 videos since 2014. Rogue Rocket is his growing news network. DeFranco has also been involved in the creation of other successful channels on YouTube; including, Google-funded news channel SourceFed and gaming channel Super Panic Frenzy. His network of channels has over two billion views, and over six million total subscribers, with his primary channel having accumulated over 6.1 million subscribers and 2.3 billion views, as of June 2018. Over his decade-long YouTube career, he has won various awards for his achievements in online content. Although DeFranco voted for libertarian Gary Johnson in the US presidential election, he has described his political views as, “fiscally conservative, socially liberal…”

Luke Rudkowski is an American investigative journalist, and founder of “We Are Change;” a libertarian, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups aiming to expose worldwide corruption and hold authoritative figures to account for their actions and crimes, in which their involvement has been covered up or hidden from public knowledge. He is the only journalist to confront globalists Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild, and to consistently cover Bilderberg; a secretive meeting between the most influential business leaders and politicians in the world. Luke Rudkowski has a strong ideological bent toward anarchism, and his exposure of the lies of governments and the corporate elite are used to undermine both institutions.