This project entails the creation of an educational platform similar in function to Khan Academy. With this platform, every human on earth will have access to free education; and because each curriculum is open source and built by working professionals in the field, the knowledge will stay current and relevant to the actual work performed at the job.

It is often said that knowledge is power. While much of middle and lower class America might doubt this old axiom, on account of an inability to find work or pay off student debt, we of Sanctient still follow this mantra. When people with knowledge or skills are not in abundance, hiring those with acumen becomes that much more expensive. You can not have a post-scarcity economy without well educated people; and with knowledge in abundance, reaching a post scarcity economy becomes all the easier. That is why this project is most important to completing our goals of promoting human sovereignty.

Once the platform is built, students entering our curriculum will be required to learn a minimum of one blue collar trade and one white collar profession of their choosing. As part of the curriculum, each student will be trained in business management, contract negotiations, and accounting. This is important, as finding a career in your chosen field may be difficult and you may have to create your own business or fall back on blue collar work in order to make money.

Unlike other educational institutions, that force there students to pass exams in order to get there diploma; this project would put the responsibility of testing on working professionals in their field. Once students pass the curriculum, they would be required to look through a list of registered professionals to test there knowledge. This is beneficial for employers as professionals are not affiliated with our curriculum and can test them in any way they deem appropriate; but once they pass the professionals examination, the student will have passed our curriculum.

All professionals who sign up to test students are well vetted; each of them having a minimum of four years of current and continuous work experience. Sorry, college and trade school credentials account for nothing. Once registered, professionals set their testing fee and can begin testing students. To keep everyone honest, professionals are rated by the employers. If too many employers attest that their new employees are not knowledgeable or capable of handing the job, it will show up in the registry so students know to avoid the professional.