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Room & Pillar Mine, Undeveloped Automated Aquaponics Systems Free Single Living Quarters Free Single Living Quarters, Inside Free Family Living Quarters Free Family Living Quarters, Bedroom Room & Pillar Mine, Fully Developed City Future Underground Cities? Over 50% of the Earth's total population is economically vulnerable. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme reports an estimated 1.6 billion worldwide are living in inadequate housing conditions, and an additional 15 million are forcefully evicted every year. There are little to no statistics for global homeless mortality; but in California alone, homeless mortality in 2019 was estimated to be at 62 percent. Sources:
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2. https://www.un.org/development/desa/dspd/2020/03/resolution-homelessness/
3. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/articles/2019-12-26/homelessness-spike-in-california-causes-national-rise-for-third-year-in-a-row
4. https://homelessdeathscount.org/data/2019-2/
Invest In Your Sovereignty Challenge the limits of a money-driven world. Your donation for sovereign cities fosters higher living standards and education. Through our scientific endeavours, we champion a fundamental principle: the essentials of life—nourishment, refuge, energy, communication, and healthcare—should be rights, not privileges. A decade of research fuels this transformation. Your financial support becomes the catalyst for cascading change—one that resonates far beyond. Let's redefine the impact of money. Invest In Your Future

Our Commitments We envision a future where communities thrive independently, fostering resilience and dismantling the stranglehold of unequal, global power structures. We accomplish this through automated systems in human settlements, where residents receive free provisions encompassing food, water, shelter, electricity, communication, and healthcare.

By reshaping the dynamics of daily life, we counterbalance the influence of dominant political and economic figures who no longer serve the interests of the public.
Learn How To Support Us 1 Conduct a comprehensive demographic assessment of the target city or town to accurately gauge the requisite resources for sustainable growth over the next twenty-five years. This analysis will encompass essential elements such as food, water, shelter, and energy infrastructure, all while upholding stringent environmental preservation standards. 2 Initiate construction and reinforcement of segmented multi-level room and pillar mining infrastructure beneath the inhabited area. This system will incorporate ceiling heights ranging from thirty to seventy feet and will include deep wells to facilitate atmospheric control, water storage, waste management, and electricity generation facilities. In cities with constraints, secure commercial properties for conversion. 3 Develop and establish automated vertical gardens, water treatment plants, capsule-style hotel accommodations, multi-unit residential apartments, dining facilities, fitness centres, healthcare clinics, and rental commercial spaces catering to food, entertainment, retail, and light manufacturing.

Our Motivation There is a reason we do this, and profit is not the motive. Hear our story and become engaged in the very survival and freedom of the human species.

...because if you give nothing toward our efforts of sovereignty, you will still gain valuable knowledge of what you should be fighting for.

Lincoln County, Nevada, US Coleman County, Texas, US Donate Donate Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, US Donate Raleigh County, West Virginia, US Donate Jackson County, Alabama, US Invest In Our Launchpad With more than 50 counties in the US grappling with poverty, the task of turning cities and towns into economically sovereign communities comes with a substantial price tag. Shadelight Industries is the solution. By investing in this profit-driven enterprise, you not only stand to gain financially through royalties, but also contribute to the economic metamorphosis of our country as a whole. Major Projects Through careful research, we've identified key locations in the US with the potential to significantly lower emissions and alleviate poverty. Your contributions directly support our efforts re-purpose cities and building subterranean infrastructure; making human needs into human rights. Join us in driving meaningful change, as we work towards an equitable and sustainable future for all. Donate $0 of our $4,790,000 target has been raised. Invest In Your Freedom

We Have To Start Somewhere When COVID-19 was released in Wuhan, it only took a few months before the economies of entire countries came to a grinding halt; ultimately resulting in the death of millions. Our organisation draws parallels in that its core philosophy and inventions are an idea hazard to all populations with central control apparatuses.

By building infrastructure that enables a population to have free access to the first three tiers of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, our vision renders all systems of oppression obsolete, echoing the profound impact of events that exposed the fragility of centralised control in the first place.
0 Number of people saved from homelessness, exposure, and hunger. 0 Number of cities and towns converted to economically sovereign communities. 0 Number of mines converted to cities.

Basem He is from Algeria and 10 years old. Coming Soon Coming Soon Sahid He is from India and 7 years old. Coming Soon Chaisee She is from Thailand and 9 years old.

I never understood the idea of prioritising women, children, the elderly, and disabled during a public emergency. Would it not make sense to save the strongest and smartest first, if only to increase man power when trying to save the rest? - Lilli Eschaton Demiurge It is for this reason Sanctient is not operating in a country few people heard of first. By freeing the oppressed in America, they become educated, relief workers in countries less fortunate. Coming Soon

John Holmes John Bunyan Dom Helder Camara Become A Sponsor Corporate Supporters We believe supporting Sanctient brings tangible benefits to both employees and employers. We understand the distinction between a job and a career, and we are committed to eliminating low-paying jobs that individuals are compelled to accept merely for survival. In an era where automation becomes standard business practice, minimum wage requirements will inevitably lead to automation taxes and universal basic income for displaced workers, which companies will ultimately pay for and use as leverage over the American people until they are incentivised to move somewhere else.

By endorsing Sanctient, you contribute to making the cost of living free for everyone, resulting in more entrepreneurship, happier employees, and increased profits for employers and shareholders alike. Join us in shaping a more equitable and prosperous future. Support our mission today!
“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”

Petitioning Your Government Only a special district can fund the maintenance that goes into a project like this. If you set up a special district in your area for a minimum of ten years, and a contract is made between the special district and Sanctient, with the intent to build and maintain some some underground infrastructure, then we will ensure that food, water, shelter, electric, internet, and healthcare are free for everyone during that time span.

In the link below, we have open source resources to help you set up a special district in your area. Following the step by step guide, and we will prepare you for every possible issue you may face during this process.
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