“We promote individual freedom from all forms of government, commerce, and ideologies with the invention and proliferation of technology that ensures everyone’s basic needs of survival are met; everything from food, water, shelter, communications; even lethal and non-lethal defensive weapons for personal security.”

Sanctient is the combination of Saint + Ancient. It is the brainchild of Lillith Eschaton Demiurge, formerly Sean Henri Edmond the III. Envisioned circa 2006, it served the purpose of alleviating the symptoms of Terror Management in all of humanity by exposing the links between science and religion; and providing scientifically verifiable evidence in an afterlife. However, with the economic and environmental challenges threatening the lives of every human on earth; a decision was made to extend its outreach to solving poverty, global warming, and the idea of over-population. Our fundamental solutions are as follows:

  • Religion: A quick analysis of history through the lens of world religions yields an unmistakable trend playing throughout antiquity. It is that the majority of religions have been established through the different interpretations of celebrated written accounts of historic events. As these interpretations of texts become shared worldviews, they split from traditional understanding and new religions are formed. As time goes on however, adherents to these religions become hostile to followers of different but similar religions. We of Sanctient end these hostilities by recognizing the historical and scientific precedent of all religions by tracing them to their root; and then as a consequence, uniting adherents of all faiths under one banner.
  • Poverty: Through research, we found that all forms of poverty and oppression are based upon the relation of socioeconomics with supply and demand. This is to say that if one is lacking of anything, then through the use of varying degrees of capital and social credit; their needs for survival can be met from the exchange of goods and services from another human being. The problem here is that one’s right to exist has been tied to their ability to interact with other humans; and because every intelligent life form is capable of self-awareness and are thereby subject to the inherent symptoms of Terror Management, all relationshipsnothing and cultural strongholds are doomed to failure. Our solution is to provide technology that allow the human being to produce their own goods and services; free of human interaction, so that they can sustain their own life with need of nothing.
  • Global Warming: The EPA reports that the five major contributors to global warming in America are transportation, electricity production, commercial and residential housing, agriculture, and deforestation. We of Sanctient recognize this opportunity to promote neo-sovereignism; a system of government that institutes policies that promote individual sovereignty; the consequenses of which
  • Over-population: The rhetoric of the elite is